Lakeland murders solved, two years later

Lakeland police say they have solved two murders after two years of investigating.

They used DNA evidence to trace both crimes to one man, 22-year-old Benjamin Smiley.  He was charged by a grand jury with two counts of first-degree murder.

"It's a good day for me. It's a blessing," said Shelia Drake, whose husband was killed in April 2013 at his home in Northwest Lakeland.

Detectives say Smiley forced his way into Drake's home and found him sleeping in bed.

"Mr. Drake was basically frantic after having been woken up from a dead sleep with a gun to his face," Sgt. Brian Wallace revealed at a press conference Friday.

Wallace says when Drake tried to get away, he was shot and killed.

Smiley is also accused of killing Carmen Riley during a hold-up at her home a few blocks away -- one month earlier.

"Every time you would see her, she had this big beautiful smile," her friend Maria Brooks remembered.

Detectives are looking for a second person connected to the crimes.