Large protests in downtown Tampa stay peaceful on Saturday

Roughly 1,000 people came together Saturday at Curtis Hixon Park to call for justice for George Floyd. Despite heavy rain, demonstrators marched throughout the City of Tampa for a several hours.

Saturday afternoon, the park was packed with demonstrators with signs in hand chanting for justice for George Floyd. Demonstrations remained peaceful from beginning to end.

Demonstrations started off around 3 o'clock at Curtis Hixon Park. Police and state troopers kept a close eye on marchers throughout the day. At one point, police cruisers could be seen blocking ramps to the interstate, worried protesters might try and get on the highway.

Many people made signs reading 'Black Lives Matter' and 'Justice for George Floyd'. By 6 o'clock, protesters made their way back to Curtis Hixon Park where organizers took turns one by one speaking to the crowd.

The Tampa Police Department is now speaking out against a new viral campaign known as '8 Can't Wait'. It's a campaign aimed at police reform and recommends all cities follow 8 use of force recommendations. According to the campaign's website., the Tampa Police Department is only following one of the recommendations which is having a use of force continuum.

Mayor Jane Castor says the city is in fact already following all 8 policies and says the city is working on getting in touch with the campaign to provide them with the correct information.