Large tree falls on car, apartment in Clearwater

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There were no injuries after a giant oak tree fell on a car and apartment in Clearwater.

The incident occurred Tuesday morning at 1537 South Myrtle Beach. Clearwater Fire Rescue tweeted out an image showing the uprooted tree resting on a Dodge Charger.

Officials said there was major damage to one unit, and two people were inside the apartment at the time the tree fell. They escaped uninjured.

Thomas Hall, an arborist with H & H Environmental Services, explained that while the tree looked healthy on top, fungus at the tree's root plate rotted away. 

"The tree got unbalanced and it fell, so kind of simple," Hall explained. 

The city has deemed the triplex unsafe. For now, those who live there have been moved to temporary housing. 

"Material things can be replaced, lives can't, and that's all that matters," said Carla Roundtree, a resident in the building.