Largest alligator outside of Florida heading to Frostproof

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Mighty Mike is heading back home to retire in the Sunshine State.

At 14 feet long and 800 pounds, he is the largest known American alligator outside of Florida. He has resided at the Newport Aquarium in northern Kentucky for about five years, but the last day visitors can see him is on September 9.

He will be heading to the Crocodilian Conservation Center in Frostproof, Florida to continue being an ambassador promoting conservation efforts and preserving wetlands for reptiles like him. 

“Getting the public to understand and appreciate these animals has been a critical factor in helping the American alligator achieve sustainable populations after being listed as endangered for decades,” said Eric Rose, Executive Director at Newport Aquarium, in a statement. “We’re grateful to the Crocodilian Conservation Center and to our world-class animal care team for keeping Mike happy and healthy all these years, and to all the guests who’ve come to see him.”

Crocodilian Conservation Center of Florida, Inc. is a non-profit organization that has been in Polk County since 2010.