Quiet and eco-friendly: Largo police unveil new electric motorcycles

The Largo Police Department recently added two new all-electric motorcycles to its fleet as it takes steps toward transitioning to renewable energy. Not only do the motorcycles give off zero emissions, but they also help start a conversation.

"Everyone is really interested in knowing what this bike is about the fact that it is all-electric and it is really a way for us to bridge a gap with the community," explained Detective Jerry Hunt.

The motorcycles, which were purchased, in part, with a $7,000 grant from Duke Energy, allow for a more realistic approach to patrolling green spaces.

"Now we can patrol parks, trails and off-road applications without deterring the public from enjoying those locations with the sound of a Harvey Davidson, excess pipes or the smell of gasoline," said Detective Hunt.

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"We were looking for new innovative ways to serve our community," said Chief Undestad.

Undestad doesn’t want to just stop at these motorcycles.

"We’d like to do an electric police vehicle, so our next step is to find a manufacturer, someone who is willing to partner with us to provide an all-electric police vehicle," he added.


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