Legoland plans another expansion with resort hotel

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Once again, Legoland Florida is expanding, this time with an extended stay resort across the street.

The resort is expected to have 166 duplexes, a pool, clubhouse and two ponds. It will be built on more than 50 acres on Lake Dexter, directly behind  the Publix on Cypress Gardens Blvd.

There's no word when Legoland is going to break ground. A spokesman says a number of announcements will be made when the time is right, but not yet.

Even without details, area business owners said they are psyched. Every time Legoland expands, they have benefited with a boost in sales.

"We have had more foot traffic. We have had more visitors from other countries," said Rachel Falk, who works at Amy's Cards, Gifts and More.

The Greater Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce said anytime Legoland expands, the economy benefits because of job creation.

"More jobs creates more disposable income, which creates a better quality of life for the individuals who live here," said Katie Worthington, CEO.

When Legoland opened four years ago, it hired 1,000 people. It's new hotel created 160 new jobs. It's new model building center in Lake Wales will eventually employ 70 people.

Legoland recently moved its international headquarters to downtown Winter Haven, which brought 50 new jobs to the area.