‘Like a gym for a quick snooze’: Tampa business offers pods for power naps

Scott Chester isn't just a fan of power naps. It's his business.

He recently opened "Nap Pod" in downtown Tampa for those tired of being tired. It's like a gym for a quick snooze.

"I created this because of the long demanding life I've lived so far. I began to think, ‘Is there a way during the day to nap?’ Because obviously, you can't do it at your desk or under your desk," said Chester.

He said a little shuteye can go a long way.

"They can recharge -- like a quick 20 minutes to just unplug. [It] will make all the difference in making you feel more energetic and make you not be so short-tempered and have more patience," said Chester.

Doctors agree with that napping timeframe.

"The problem with having too long of a power nap and generally over 30 minutes is generally a tough one," said Dr. Tapan Padhya of Tampa General Hospital. "It's harder for you to wake up. You feel a little groggy as you get up and it takes you 30, 60 minutes after that nap to get your bearings. So sometimes taking too long a power nap is counterproductive."

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It could be a key to success on the job. According to his daughter, Tampa Bay Lightning coach Jon Cooper needs some calm before bringing the thunder.

"My dad always has to take a nap before the game," said Julia Cooper in an interview with FOX 13 back in June.

"It definitely has been shown a lot of high achieving corporate America," said Dr. Padhya. "They swear by it that they take a 20 or 30 minute power nap and they're good to go for another five, six hours in the afternoon."

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A good power nap requires the right conditions.

"Wherever it's quiet, air conditioning is cool and people aren't going to barge in on you," explained Dr. Padhya.

"Twenty minutes later, I feel like a new man," Chester said. "I feel like I can conquer the day now."

For more information about Nap Pod, head over to the company’s website.