Local artist combines love for kids, painting to create cranial bands

Make It Snappy Art is a creative local company that paints cranial bands for babies. Cranial bands are essentially helmets that help reshape a child’s head, and it’s usually needed if a baby has any flat spots on their head. 

Owner and artist Kelli Sorg has to work very quickly when she paints. 

"They have to be returned within 24 hours, since they are a medically necessary device," she said.

This can be tricky because Sorg paints some rather intricate scenes on helmets. Past themes have included Star Wars, ocean life, forest animals, and of course, Lightning hockey. 

Sorg said even though babies are too young to appreciate the art that’s on their helmets, they love the joy they bring to those around them. 

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"The kids are going to see smiles back at them instead of questioning looks. It’s like a costume for them," she said. 

Make It Snappy Art is on Facebook if you’d like to see some more of Sorg's work or reach out to her.