Local leaders remind visitors, residents of safety precautions as spring break returns

With many of the Bay Area beaches ranking among some of the most beautiful in the U.S., it’s no surprise that officials expect those areas to be extremely busy over the next few weeks. 

Thousands of visitors are already visiting the area, and many local school districts are also on spring break this week. In Pinellas County, safety is their top priority. This includes COVID-19 precautions and beach safety tips too. 

First and foremost, Pinellas County is asking visitors and locals to mask up when in areas you can’t socially distance, especially in businesses and restaurants. Those who follow the rules could be rewarded with a $25 gift card as an incentive, if a county employee happens to spot you masking up and following COVID safety precautions. 

However, the city of Clearwater wants beachgoers to remember that there’s still a few things to keep in mind before heading out to the beaches. 

On Clearwater Beach, alcohol, glass bottles and pets are not allowed. Despite busy beach days ahead, law enforcement will still be present to make sure beachgoers are following the rules. 

Lifeguards at the beach say that it’s important to stay hydrated, apply sunscreen regularly and always keep an eye on the weather. Also, if thunder roars, it’s time to go indoors.

Knowing how to escape a rip current and brushing up on what beach warning flags mean could also be a good idea before heading out to the beach. 

City officials say it’s important to remember these rules, especially as our beaches get busier and busier with the influx of visitors.