Long-lost illustration found at Goodwill

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A mother and daughter are having a special reunion - one you have to see to believe. 

Sherrie Pettigrew and her daughter Coty Splichal are on a very special trip to the Goodwill in St Pete.

A picture Sherrie drew of her daughter more than 30 years ago ended up at Goodwill.

"My daughter is now 37 and I think she was six or seven when this drawing was done," Sherrie said.

Sherrie, a retired school art teacher, but lost track of the drawing years ago. 

"Must have sold it at some point, probably at a street show," Sherrie says. "I use to do shows."

Someone donated the illustration to Goodwill. 

Jennifer Fleming from Goodwill says, "We could tell that it was probably valuable are had sentimental value at least."

Goodwill found Sherrie's name on the picture and contacted her on Facebook. Sherrie lives in Gainesville so she contacted her daughter in St Pete.

"I just saw the images and as soon as a saw," Coty Splichal Sherrie's daughter said. "I was like oh that's me."

"It's kind of a miracle don't you think that it came back around and here it is again," Sherrie said.

A touching moment between mother and daughter.