Lorenzo asks judge for video interviews with hometown friends, family

Nothing gets Pam Williams more worked up than when her son’s suspected killer plays games with the justice system. She says he's at it again.

Murder defendant Steven Lorenzo wants his life story put on video and wants taxpayers to foot the bill.

"Everything is for the criminal. What about me? What about my feelings, as the victim, is what I want to know. Where are my rights," asked Williams.

Prosecutors say Williams' son, Jason Galehouse, and another man, Michael Waccholz were drugged, used as sex slaves, and butchered by Lorenzo and his partner, Scott Schweickert.

A few years ago, Schweickert took a deal and got life in prison in exchange for taking the death penalty off the table.

Lorenzo is going a different route, choosing to represent himself. He could face death if convicted. 

Now he is asking a judge to allow him to hire a videographer to go back to his hometown and interview family, friends, and classmates about his childhood.

Standby counsel Brian Gonzalez explained to the judge, "Mr. Lorenzo's good times, Mr. Lorenzo's bad times, the things that have influenced him positively and negatively."

If Lorenzo is convicted of the murders, the video of his life would be played for the jury during the penalty phase of the trial.

Lorenzo hopes the jury feels bad for him and spares his life. Pam hopes it does the opposite.

"I don't think he has a right to tell his life story. Who cares about his life story? I only know I want him dead," said Williams.