Lyft driver leaves passenger after accident with other driver

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A Lyft passenger is demanding answers from the company after being injured in a crash involving one of its drivers.

Cameron Decker says his Lyft driver cut another driver off on 62nd Avenue in St. Petersburg, Florida. The other driver rear-ended the Lyft.

"He accelerated in the right lane and cut off a lady in a white mini-van," Decker said. "He got out and started yelling at the other lady... She was yelling at him."

Decker was dazed and dizzy from the crash so he got out of the car to get some air, but says, in a matter of minutes, both drivers took off, leaving him without any of their information - so he called Lyft.

Decker says the representative refused to give him any information about the driver, so he called back the next day and was told the driver had been fired.

"The representative with Lyft was very loud and yelling on the phone," Decker said. "And I just kept asking him the same question, 'Hey I need the license plate number.'"

After some back and forth with Decker's attorney, Lyft provided the driver's name and license plate number.

Decker - who plays the saxophone - says his injuries are so severe he can't work. He wants someone to be held responsible. Decker estimates he's lost out on nearly $2,000 in gigs and says his attorney still needs Lyft to hand over the driver's insurance information.

"The safety of the Lyft community is our top priority," Lyft said in a statement released Friday afternoon. "Lyft's insurance carrier has been notified about the incident, and an adjuster has been assigned to assist with the claims process."

Decker says Lyft has spoken to his attorney and the company has verbally agreed to hand over the driver's insurance information. As of Friday night, that still hadn't happened.

"Without that insurance policy," Decker said. "I can't even get temporary funding to pay my bills."

Once Decker gets that information, he can file a claim to cover his medical bills.

FOX 13 reached out to St. Petersburg police, but they say because neither driver called to report the accident, there's nothing they can do. It's now a civil issue between Decker and the Lyft driver.