Bay Area baker turns macaron obsession into booming business

A baker in Riverview puts a fun twist on a classic French pastry with macaron business.  

Neena’s Macarons is a small, custom-made French macaron company based in Riverview

" What differentiates us is we try to take that classic round shape and make it into different, fun shapes," shared owner and baker, Neena Lamb.

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Lamb has made everything from macaroons shaped like SpongeBob SquarePants and unicorns to those that represent sunflowers and the Mario brothers. 

I love a good challenge," Lamb explained. 

She wasn’t always a baker but became obsessed with macarons five years ago after having one in the mall. 

"I just kept trying to perfect it and didn’t give up," she stated. 

To order online or inquire about a custom order, go to Lamb's website by clicking here