Made in Tampa Bay: Family creates functional art as furniture

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A husband and wife team in Tampa are creating custom tables using wood and resin, bringing nature and art into any room.

About a year ago, after leaving a career in engineering Juan Arevalo and his wife, Veronica decided to start their own business, using their love for wood and creating.

Today, the two can be found working together in their Sugar Pine Wood Works shop creating unique pieces of artwork and furniture.  “We didn’t know if there was really a market for it,” Juan said.  

So, they started small at first and then got some orders for bigger projects.

“We made a couple of coffee tables and that’s how we started,” Juan said. 

Their most recent order, a conference table for a boardroom in an attorney’s office that they will deliver to Fort Myers.

“We make it with our hearts as a family, the kids are involved, they’ve done little jobs,” Juan said.

The couple uses live edge wood slabs with resin, a liquid plastic that bonds well with wood. When completed, the table top looks like a river is flowing through the wood.

“We’re not only really excited about what we’re doing but we’re really proud about doing it here in Tampa,” Juan said.