Man, 87, tied up during armed robbery; 2 arrested

An 87-year-old Louisiana man is back at home, recovering from injuries sustained in an armed robbery on Monday.

Deputies with the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office said a masked suspect confronted the victim outside his home, then attacked him. The suspect pulled out his gun and demanded money and valuables from the elderly man, authorities said. 

Before leaving, the suspect tied up the victim and drove off in the man’s 2005 Ford Taurus.

Authorities transported the victim to a local hospital where he was treated for injuries to his head, including a gash near his eye.

On Friday, Sheriff Jason Ard announced the arrest of two suspects in this case: 49-year-old John Bailey and 39-year-old Ruman Laurent.

"I’m very proud to know that we’ve got these people in custody, in jail, where they belong," Ard stressed. "It hurts my heart to know that this 87-year-old had to go through this. And I know there’s a lot of people in that area, in that subdivision that will sleep well tonight knowing that person is where they need to be."

Bailey faces an armed robbery charge as well as charges for attempted first-degree murder and felon in possession of a firearm. Laurent is facing a charge of accessory after the fact to armed robbery.

Holden LA robbery suspects

On Jan. 21, Sheriff Jason Ard announced the arrest of two suspects in the robbery of an 87-yar-old man: 49-year-old John Bailey and 39-year-old Ruman Laurent. (Source: Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office)

Ard said some of the victim’s cash valuables have been recovered. He also expressed gratitude to the law enforcement agencies who assisted in the investigation as well the tipster who contacted CrimeStoppers with a lead for authorities to follow.

"If you come over here to Livingston Parish, you do these type crimes, you’re going to go to jail," Ard proclaimed. "We’re going to hunt you down and we’re going to get you what you deserve — and that’s justice."

This story was reported from Atlanta.