Man accused of killing teen daughter wants new lawyer

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The man accused of killing his teen daughter says he and his lawyer are not getting along, just days after he was arrested. 

"From the beginning, we haven't had a good working relationship," Shannon explained to a judge.

Shannon says he wants to be co-counsel on his case and be allowed ask his own questions but his attorney says he won't allow it. 

"I have some questions that I wanted him to ask and he outright refused and I think those are very important questions and very pertinent," said Shannon. "I want to be able to make some phone calls that are necessary and obtain a new lawyer."

Shannon is accused of killing his teenage daughter, Janessa, and then dumping her body in a nature preserve. Janessa went missing in July.

Her mother, Michelle Mosley told detectives she got in an argument with her daughter and sent her to stay with her dad. The following day, Nahshon Shannon reported his daughter missing.

But behind the scenes, detectives say they were zeroing in on Shannon. Michelle says she knew it was him the whole time. 

"His behavior is kinda suspicious and I said, 'I think he did something to her,'" said Mosley.

Shannon was arrested last week and charged with murder. Michelle says she was ready to face her daughter's killer.

"You did this to my daughter and yet you can't even look at me?" Mosley asked.

But the horror of her daughter's last moments never goes away.

"It's a constant day-in, day-out nightmare. Something I have to relive every single day. Something I think about in my head, what he did to her, what she had to go through. I can't function," said Mosley.

Shannon's bond hearing was delayed so he could hire a new attorney. He is scheduled back in court October 30.