Man convicted of murdering girlfriend, two others

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Prosecutors say it was rage, jealousy, and revenge that drove defendant Angel Perez to murder three people: His brother-in-law, his brother in-law’s girlfriend and Perez's own girlfriend, Olivia Miller.

"While they begged for their lives – ‘No Angel! No, please no!’ – What does he do? Well he told you: ‘Pow-pow-pow-pow-pow," Prosecutor John Terry said.

They say Perez was angry his brother-in-law had fooled around with his girlfriend.  Prosecutors say he never got over, but a year later, a custody dispute over his 3-year-old nephew would push Perez over the edge.

They say he would use his semi-automatic weapon to settle the score with this brother-in-law.

"All of this taking place in front of nephew; all part of his kidnapping," continued Terry.

After the murders, Perez's girlfriend urged him to turn himself in, even getting in the driver’s seat of the car to drive him to the police station.  So, Terry said, Perez shot her too

"After shooting her four times in the car, Angel Perez realized how far he had gone," said Terry.

Perez had a meltdown when he was told later by detectives she was dead.

During a long police interrogation, Perez later admitted to the shootings.  

Hillsborough Public Defender Mike Peacock didn't have a lot to work with or much of a defense.  

“I submit that the evidence at best establishes the crime of second-degree murder," Peacock offered.

But after deliberating for a few hours, the jury found Perez guilty of three counts of first-degree murder.

Perez will be formally sentenced Friday, though he is facing a mandatory life sentence.