No arrests yet after deadly shooting at Tampa intersection

Hillsborough County deputies are investigating a deadly shooting that occurred along Waters Avenue. They said the body of a man was found in the westbound lanes.

Around 8:30 p.m. Thursday, deputies responded to the intersection of Waters Avenue and Anderson Road. They said the man’s body was found next to his vehicle and the suspected shooter was still at the scene.

Investigators said, at some point, one of the men exited his vehicle at the traffic light. Then, the shooter, who was in another car, fired his weapon, killing the man.

According to the sheriff’s office, they are still investigating a motive and the events leading up to the shooting. They did not specify whether it was related to road rage.

Legal experts told FOX 13 the lack of an arrest likely indicates the shooter is claiming he was defending himself or standing his ground.

"What we see law enforcement doing now is not jumping or rushing in cases where it's questionable," said Tampa attorney Anthony Rickman. "We know the shooter stayed on scene. We know the shooter cooperated with law enforcement. We know the shooter provided detectives with a statement. So most likely that shooter is telling law enforcement that he was protecting himself and acting under the law."

Deputies have not publicly identified either man involved in the case.