Manatee Co. children awarded 911 Medal of Honor for brave acts

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Two kids who may not have otherwise met are now bonded by their individual acts of bravery.

They were both faced with life-or-death situations but were able to put their emotions aside and help when no one else could.

Now, Katherine Hughes and Logan La Bouf are being recognized for their actions.

"You always think that it's not going to happen to you, but it's pretty likely it could, at least once in your lifetime, so you have to be prepared," Katherine said, thinking back to the day her teacher suddenly had a medical emergency.

After her teacher went into cardiac arrest, Katherine dialed 911. She and classmates worked together to help. 

"Honestly, I feel like everyone else had an important role in it as well," she said. 

On the other end of the line, dispatcher Jenna Anselmo talked her through everything. 

"She was probably one of the best callers I've ever had. She was very calm. She listened to everything I asked her to do and relayed information to everyone in the room," said Anselmo. 

On a different line, and on a different day, 7-year-old Logan La Bouf worked to save his grandma during an emergency. 

"We were eating dinner and then she said her head was spinning and dizzy," he said. 

His grandma dialed 911, but when she passed out, he stepped in. He relayed information to dispatcher Danielle Meo. 

"Throughout the whole rest of the call with Logan, you can kind of hear him holding back his fear," said Meo. 

Logan and Katherine, along with the dispatchers, were recognized with the 911 Medal of Honor. It's given to those who act courageously to help someone in need. 

"Kids, I think by nature, want to follow instruction, so when you give them an instruction they just do what you ask them to do," said Meo. 

Even better than the medal and honor, is knowing that both helped save a life. 

"It's just really amazing that two kids so young really know what exactly to do in a time of crisis," said Anselmo.