Manatee County students must register to ride school buses

The start of the school year is still a few months away, but Bay Area school districts are already starting to plan for the fall as the governor announced schools can return to full capacity

No one knows what the CDC guidelines will look like come August, so the Manatee County School District is preparing for everything, including figuring out how to social distance their students while on board their busses. 

They’re now asking parents to weigh-in by making sure they register their child to ride the bus. 

The district is trying to get a rough estimate of just how many kids will be taking the bus to and from school so they can plan accordingly.

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In order for students to be eligible to be picked up from their bus stop and be taken to and from school, parents will need to go online and complete a survey by June 30 to make sure their kids will have a spot on the bus. 

The early registration is intended give Manatee County schools the time they need to plan, prepare and figure out how many buses and alternate routes they might possibly need. 

Temperatures will be taken before boarding the school bus. If a student has a high temperature, they will still be transported to school but isolated while on the bus. School employees and students will be given masks, and will be asked to wear them on the bus.

The deadline to register your child to ride the bus is June 30. Each child needs to be individually registered. Registration information can be found by clicking here.