'March For Our Lives' to hold more than 400 rallies around the world demanding for gun reform

One month after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018, hundreds of thousands of young people took to the streets for a day of rallies called March For Our Lives. 

In the wake of the recent massacres in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas, the group is organizing a second time, hoping to send a message to lawmakers this Saturday. They said the inaction of political leaders is costing innocent lives, so they are channeling their outrage into action.

"We're not pro-gun, we're not anti-gun, we're pro-peace," said Laney Rosenblatt.

The recent high school graduate is helping to organize one of the events in Florida. She said she wants to be a part of making the country safer.

"I think now is super important because it feels like we've reached kind of a turning point," Rosenblatt said. "More and more people are fed up with the re-occurring gun violence that's occurring everywhere in schools, movie theaters, grocery stores."

March For Our Lives is leading more than 400 marches around the world to demand elected officials take action on gun violence prevention.

Here in the Tampa Bay area, four rallies are planned throughout the day June 11 in Largo, St. Petersburg, Tampa and Sarasota:

"By standing together as one group as a whole, you can show your legislators, you can show your elected officials that all of us, all of these people, no matter their background, no matter their beliefs, they're all pushing for change," said Rosenblatt.

Protestors are hoping to start a conversation about common-sense solutions to reduce gun violence that can lead to action on Capitol Hill.

"I hope that people know that they're contributing to change as a whole, and they're contributing to a safer America," Rosenblatt said.

You can search for an event near you by clicking HERE.