Marijuana facility planned for warehouse next to rehab clinic

For 70 years, Gracepoint has helped those struggling with mental illness and substance abuse get their lives back.

The organization offers dozens of services, including housing for those in recovery. However, a few months ago, a notice was posted on the fence of the empty warehouse next door. The sign revealed their new neighbor would be a facility where medical marijuana is held and processed.

"We discovered that the rezoning was going through just about the time when we determined what type of company was moving into that - a large medical marijuana processing company called Trulieve," said Joe Rutherford, the CEO of Gracepoint. "Next door you have a multiple thousand square facility processing marijuana. It just seems to be completely incongruent with the message we want to give."

Some neighborhood residents aren't thrilled either.

"It's going to affect our quality of life, it's going to affect everything that we do," said Carole Gordon, a nearby resident.

Multiple apartments, schools, and daycares also line the street. The warehouse is right across from a bus stop.

"There's so many places that this type of plant could go. Why did they choose right here in this dense population?" Gordon asked. "People discharged from a detox bed who could literally walk 100 yards and be at a dispensary,"

However, the Trulieve told FOX 13 News the location will not be a place where customers can buy medical marijuana.

"This facility will not be used as a retail location and will not be conducting sales of medical marijuana. The building will have no signage outside," Trulieve said in a statement.

The city is currently looking into the status of the zoning process.