Marisol Best found guilty of killing in-laws

Despite one last attempt to save their client, Hillsborough County Public Defender Dana Herce went into character assassination mode against Marisol Best's husband, Robert.

"This individuals' credibility is at issue," said Herce.

The defense called his younger brother, William Todd Best to the stand. He testified Robert was a problem child who got into trouble in his teens and never stopped.

He moved out the family home in his teens.

It even caused a strain in his parents’ marriage.

“Strain on their marriage almost ending in divorce?” asked Herce.

William Best answered: “Correct”

William says after his parents' bodies were discovered in November of 2015, he has never spoken again to his brother.

The relationship with his younger sister, Stephanie is not much better.

Stephanie Best Knapp said her brother was a huge disappointment to her parents and they let him know, nearly cutting him out of their will.

“It was 45-45-10 so Robbie was to get 10 percent and Todd and I were 45 each,“ explained Stephanie.

But while the focus was on Robert Best, it was his wife, Marisol on trial.

Prosecutors say she shot and killed her in-laws, Virgil and Shirley Best during a prayer session because she was angry that they did support their son during his legal troubles.

But the defense told the jury Marisol Best has blind loyalty for her husband and would do anything for him, including taking the fall on murder charges.

They won a small victory Friday when Hillsborough Judge Michelle Sisco agreed to allow the jury to hear the number of felony convictions on Robert Best's record. 

However, after deliberating for nearly three hours the jury found Marisol Best guilty of two counts of murder. She faces life in prison and will be sentenced on August 27.