Matthew brings action to air station

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The Coast Guard air station in Clearwater could be very busy in the coming days. Flights are already underway, assessing the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

Guardsmen are also getting ready for rescues that often come with a storm like this. Many agree, it's he busiest air station in the Coast Guard, and it kicked into high gear when Matthew hit the Caribbean.

A C-130 aircraft left Clearwater early Wednesday morning to overfly Haiti.

"Primarily, we're just doing damage assessment, at this time, to see where exactly our resources are needed most," said CDR Scott Phy.

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Crews from Clearwater were critical to disaster relief following the Haitian earthquake in 2010. But unlike the quake, Matthew keeps moving. They have to plan for rough seas off Florida.

"If you can postpone your boating plans, we ask that you do that," says Phy. "We're going to be busy doing other stuff, so that would help us out."

The air station could get crowded. There's a good chance Coast Guard planes from Miami and Savannah will be moved there for safety as Matthew approaches.