Mentally disabled young mom released from jail

We have seen her in tears, frustrated and annoyed, but the frowns have finally turned into smiles -- and there's a reason for it.  Today may be the last day teen mom Violet Hinrichs spends behind bars.

A judge approved Hinrichs' transfer to a group home to receive treatment for her mental disabilities.

Charles Traina, Hillsborough public defender, told the judge two mental health experts evaluated Violet and came to the same conclusion. "Both doctors have opined that Ms. Hinrichs is incompetent and not likely to be restored although that's not an issue we would reach this morning."

It's been a long, exhausting saga for Violet, who has been in legal limbo for over a year.  In 2014, the young mom was accused of attempting to smother her baby during a hospital visit.  A surveillance camera in the hospital room caught her apparently in the act.

But her sister, Tiffany Coffey, insisted Violet would never hurt her baby. 

"She's always been good with the baby.  I've never seen her yell at him or hit him, so all of this is overwhelming," said Coffey.

Last fall, Violet pleaded guilty to child abuse charges but later changed her mind claiming she didn't understand what she was pleading guilty to.  The judge allowed her to withdraw her plea, and shorty after, she was found incompetent to stand trial.

Her public defender resigned and her case got the attention it needed. 

While the charges against her remain, her attorney says Violet will now be in the right environment to get the help she needs.