Metro Ministries awarded for community service

Metropolitan Ministries received a national award for its services in the Bay Area.

The Metro Brigaide has been on a humanitarian mission to help the homeless. The venture was started last year to serve the Bay Area's displaced population. The program is staffed by AmeriCorps.

"We want to make sure that people know where they can get a hot meal, where they take a hot shower, do their laundry, access to transportation and employment," said Metropolitan Ministries Brigaide Leader John Paul Comas. "Last year we served about 1900 unique individuals out in the community that would not have been able to access service otherwise."

All their handwork is being rewarded. Metro Ministries was chosen from a pool of 500 nominations for the Outstanding Service Award from America's Service Commission.

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"It's an honor," explained Comas. "It's definitely humbling to know that there other people out there in the country looking at what we are doing."

"It is just an amazing experience. Changes your life, changes the way you see everything, makes you want to do better and empowers you," AmeriCorps member Melody Sofi sad.

The program helps transient residents get identification cards, birth certificates, and other documents needed to function in society.

"[We have] an understanding that not all of us can do it alone but if we have a connection to support, everybody's going to be OK," said Comas.