Relaxed mask guidelines met with mixed emotions

Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its guidelines on masks, saying fully vaccinated people can safely be indoors and in crowds without a face covering, many people have reacted with mixed emotions. Some people tell Fox 13 they feel "free," and that it is "about time." Others say they are going to continue wearing their masks even though they are fully vaccinated.

"I feel safer if I wear it, not only for me but for my family and another (people)," said Rafael Tejada, who is fully vaccinated. 

The CDC says a recent study shows that COVID-19 vaccines are successfully preventing people from spreading the virus. Despite the promising results, some people say it is still important to practice safety protocols.

"I'm a registered nurse, so I still take precautions with handwashing, the social distancing, I still think that we need to do that until everybody is vaccinated.," said Judy Schkrioba.

Though the CDC guidelines allow for fully vaccinated individuals to not wear a mask, individuals are on the honor system.

Schkrioba says she doesn’t trust that everyone will be truthful and says she will still wear a mask.

"Even before COVID hit, I wore a mask on planes and I sanitized my own area. That’s just part of being a nurse, I guess," she stated.  

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