Businesses rely on honor system as vaccinated individuals ditch their masks

Since the CDC’s major update on Thursday, stating that vaccinated individuals no longer needed to mask up in most indoor settings, things have started to change.  

On Saturday, more changes to mask requirements inside grocery chains, like Publix, went into effect.  

Like Publix,  several other stores such as Walmart, Costco and Trader Joe’s have officially put into effect new rules stating that fully vaccinated shoppers will no longer be required to wear masks. So if it’s been two weeks since an individual’s last required dose of the vaccine, masks are now optional at those locations.  

Similar changes are happening at theme parks across Florida too.  

"We are vaccinated, obviously that helps. The kids are not, but from school purposes to living purposes, it will be good to get back on track," said John Ervine who is visiting Florida.  

After raising capacity and getting rid of temperature checks, Disney and Universal announced Friday that effective immediately, masks would no longer be required outside. But visitors will still need to keep them handy as masks will still be needed inside or while waiting in line for an attraction.

Over at Busch Gardens and Adventure Island, masks are now completely optional for vaccinated visitors whether they are inside or outside.  

Just like at grocery stores, Busch Gardens is asking those who haven’t gotten their shot just yet to still mask up.  

In a statement to Fox 13, Busch Gardens said that they will not require proof of the vaccine, but they are asking guests to follow the new policy.  

Grocery stores will also be using the honor system when it comes to masks as Governor DeSantis has said that vaccine passports won’t be allowed in Florida.

"I think this is something that has huge privacy implications, it is not necessary to do," said DeSantis.  

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