Mom takes plea deal for DUI, passing out at McDonald’s drive-thru with 2 kids in car

In May 2019, Belinda Nunez was charged with child neglect, DUI, and driving with a suspended license, but she told a judge on Thursday that the mother she was then is not the mother she is today. 

"I've been dealing with this for two years since. [In] two years my circumstances have changed completely," Nunez said.

Prosecutors say Nunez was drove drunk with her two young children in the car and passed out at a McDonald's drive-thru on North 50th Street in Tampa.

Now, two years later, she wants the whole episode behind her.

During the hearing, her attorney, Dustin Hay, warned her to tread lightly and advised her not to talk about the case. 

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Hillsborough Judge Michael Williams laid out two clear paths she could take.

"The state’s offer is five years of probation. If you go to trial, I guess she's facing 11 years maximum," said Williams.

Hoping to sweeten the deal, Hay added a little sprinkle of flattery for the prosecutor.

"Maybe what I will go and do in the meantime is reach out to Cristina Castillo, the prosecutor. You look great this morning too by the way, Cristina," Hay said.

After hashing it out, Nunez took the plea deal and got 36 months of probation.

Nunez did not have a criminal record which prosecutors say helped her get a lighter sentence.

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