More changes coming to Florida driver's licenses

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Slight changes will soon be coming to all Florida driver's licenses after the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles announced Thursday the department will be adding additional security features to the cards beginning this month.

The most noticeable changes include removing the black magnetic strip off the back of the card and adding what state officials called a "tactile" security feature to the bottom right-hand corner.

The security feature being added will include a bump, which means you will be able to distinguish if an I.D. is real or fake just by touching it.

"I'm happy if it keeps us a little more secure," driver Pat Konczak said.

"Anything that will add to security I'm for. To have a bump where you can just actually feel something instead of having to look out for a feature on the I.D. I think will make it easier to determine," driver Norma Pohan said.

The small changes come just two years after Florida completely redesigned their driver's licenses.

"We always want to make sure we are staying ahead of the curve. In terms of the market for driver's license I.D. cards, Florida has the most secure credential on the market," the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Deputy communications director Alexis Bakofsky said.

Currently, the new license is being issued at various DMV locations throughout the state. By the end of August, they'll be available at all service centers throughout the state. But there's no need to rush to get the license. The one you have currently is still good until it expires.