More than 2,000 meals packed and distributed for children at Pinellas County organization

A Bay Area non-profit is making a special effort to feed children who usually rely on school lunches, but may be left hungry amid closures due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Kara Dibucci is so thankful for PARC, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide opportunities for children with developmental disabilities.

"I just absolutely love it. I was so happy when they called me and told me that they were doing this," Dibucci said.

PARC is providing free meals for students.

Christiana McIntosh, the Discovery Learning Center director said,"We are having parents come and pick up breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for the children so that they can have consistency in meals. The same meals that they would have normally in school."

Twice a week, families come to the Discovery Learning Center to pick up their meals.

"I think that this would alleviate some of the stress that they would have, 'cause they are having to provide all the meals for the children and we are trying to include all the children in the household. Just so we can help any way that we can," McIntosh said.

For grandparent Marilyn Bell, it's a huge help for parents who have lost their jobs.

"You panic when you can't feed your children and we think that it is an absolutely marvelous thing that they feed the children," Bell said.

PARC is providing meals to over 120 children, serving just under 2,000 meals per week.  

"We're just trying to do our part to help the kids. My main focus is the kids,"  explained McIntosh.

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