Mosaic artist creates intricate designs in his Sarasota studio

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Whether it's ceramic, stones, pebbles, bottle tops or glass, artist Pearse Kelly says mosaic artwork takes a lot of patience.

Kelly brought us inside his Splash Mosaic Studio in Sarasota, where bits and chips of color are arranged to make gorgeous designs in this intricate art form.

His works often take many hours to complete. And while many of his creations are commissioned works, he often spends time on his own artwork.

“I’ve got stuff I like to do that just pops into my head and I feel the urge to create it,” Kelly explained. 

The Sarasota artist has traveled across the globe to master the art form, studying both classical and modern mosaic styles at studios in California and Ravenna, Italy.

“You bring me your imagination and I’ll make something for ya,” he quipped.