Mother of murdered teen remembers encounter with son's alleged killer before his arrest

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It was an incredible and gut-wrenching coincidence when the mother of a murdered teen came face to face with her son’s killer – before anyone knew he committed the crime.

Detectives solved the case just a few days ago and she's relieved to know her son's killer has been caught, but the circumstances surrounding the death of Tara Jones’ son will never make sense.

According to police, the suspect told investigators he felt bad for killing an innocent 18-year-old, who was just riding his bike home from a friend’s.

Jones says she doesn't believe he's sorry.

Her son, Te’Sean Blue was killed while riding his bike in north Tampa September 3.

Investigators say he was shot in the back.

For months, Jones didn't know who did it or why. Little did she know, she had met her son's killer on a trip to the grocery store days after the murder.

Jones said she was wearing a lanyard with her son’s photo, which caught the eye of an employee at the store.

“And I saw him look down at my lanyard and I asked him, did he know him, and he said, ‘No, I don't know him but I saw him around,” Jones said.

The store worker asked Jones how her son died.

“I said, ‘He was shot over by Busch for no reason,’” Jones remembers. “And he looked at me and he said, ‘I'm sorry about your loss, ma'am.’”

The worker's response has haunted her ever since she found out who he really was. Jones finds his condolence hard to believe after learning disturbing details about her son's death.

According to police, witnesses said Misael Mora and Te’Sean Blue said ‘hi’ to each other. After Blue rode off, Mora told someone he was going to shoot him.

Detectives found seven bullet casings at the scene.

“I just broke down because I’m thinking, ‘How can you stand in my face and say you are sorry for my loss but you are the reason for my grief?’” Jones wondered.

Grief doesn't even begin to describe her suffering but she's relieved to know her son's killer was caught. She believes coming face to face with him that day at the grocery store was more than just coincidence.

“And I think him seeing the emotion in my eyes when I’m talking about my son is what really did it,” Jones said.

Police arrested Mora after witnesses told detectives he was the one who shot Blue. Mora was already a suspect in an unrelated case and it was through that investigation that police found pictures of him holding guns and flashing gang signs.

Police say Mora admitted to them that he's in a gang, and also admitted to the killing. He's charged with second-degree murder with a firearm.