Mother says adult daughter who allegedly made online threat is 'childlike'

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Juliana Cote, 26, has been in jail for nearly three weeks for something she posted on Facebook.

In the post, investigators say she threatened to shoot up a school.

"Call 911. I'm heading to the nearest elementary school now to shoot everyone," the post read.

She included a picture of a toy gun and appeared to target Egypt Lake Elementary School.

At a bond reduction hearing Thursday morning, her mom, Anna Cote said Juliana suffers from mental health issues and was heading to a group home when she posted the threat.

"I think she was being childish and funny," said Cote. 

However, parents at the school were not laughing.

The post went on to say: "I used to believe that guns were only for men, and stable rational people... but I, Juliana Joy Cote, a unipolar manic autistic, got this..."

Prosecutors Anthony Falcone insisted the bond remain high.

"This is a very serious matter and we would like the bond remain as set for the defendant's safety and the safety of everyone else," said Falcone.

But Cote's mom insisted her daughter is not a threat to the community.

"She was joking, your honor. She thought she was being funny, unfortunately, she doesn’t understand the ramifications of what she did. She's very very childlike," insisted Cote.

The judge reduced the bond to $15,000, will require Cote to wear an ankle monitor, and imposed a curfew.