Mother says boy tried to lure her daughter into a car

Winter Park Police are conducting extra patrols at the popular Martin Luther King Jr. park after a report of a young girl being lured to a car Sunday afternoon

“It just heightened my awareness,” said Angela Lee. 

Winter Park Police posted a screen shot of the post that initiated their investigation --  a mom claiming a boy around 8 years old, kept asking her 3-year-old daughter how old she was , and kept trying to hold her hand  before saying “Tag you're it, come get me” while running towards a car --  she told officers that car was parked in the lot next to the park with a man waiting inside

According to the report when the woman ran over to her daughter, the boy got in the car and he and the man driving took off. Police say the mother didn’t initially contact police, but after her post was shared multiple times she filed a report.

Park regulars like Angela Lee who comes to the park often with her granddaughter say it’s concerning. “That was shocking and I thought that if it’s happening here, it’s not going to be long before he’s caught because it is a community,” said Lee.

Police say they haven’t received any additional reports on the suspicious incident – parents tonight schooling their kids about being aware of strangers no matter how old they are

“Parents need to have conversations with their kids about how to be safe and how to look out for other kids too,” said another parent.

Winter Park Police say the car the man was driving was a dark colored sedan, possibly and Acura with tinted windows, anyone with information should contact Winter Park Police.