Mother, special needs son dead after apparent murder-suicide

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Up and down Margaret Street in Sarasota, neighbors are in disbelief after authorities say a woman and her adult son were found dead.

Police said they were both exposed to drain chemicals, it was not an accident, and they believe it was a murder-suicide.

"I am feeling so bad for them both," said Nancy Fuandos.

Nancy Fuandos and her son Cesar miss their next door neighbors, 78-year-old Gertrudis Cintron and her 58-year old son, Angel Alicea-Estrada.

"They were nice people that wouldn't do anything bad," said Cesar.

Neighbors said the son had special needs and Gertrudis was his main care giver. They lived in their home on Margaret Street for several years.

"I would always see them walk outside," said Cesar.

Monday morning, Sarasota officers found the two inside their home. Angel was dead. His mother was taken to the hospital where she later died. 

"What happened yesterday, I wish didn't happen," said Cesar.

Police have not given a motive, but neighbors said Gertrudis was taking care of her son by herself.

"People are more than willing to help from the ground up. If you come and tell us about your situation we will find someway to help you and your family," said Brad Jones.

Brad Jones is the CEO of The Haven, an organization serving adults with disabilities. Every day, he hears the concerns of parents.

"The biggest thing is worry. 'What is going to happen when I can't care for them? What's going to happen, will they be placed in a group home somewhere, where they don't know? Will they be taken away from everything they've grown up and known?'" he said.

Jones wants others to know - it is never a hopeless situation.

"You have a lot of caring facilities out there that want to care for people. That's what their mission is. There is help for people," he said.