Murder victim's mother protests trial delays: "I've suffered enough, 16 years now"

Prosecutors say notorious murder suspect Steven Lorenzo and his partner tortured, drugged and dismembered their victims. Lorenzo faces two counts of murder and, if convicted, faces the death penalty.

However, he's acting as his own attorney and that has stalled the case, making the mother of one victims extremely unhappy.

Pam Williams' son, Jason Galehouse, was murdered back in 2003. He disappeared from a Tampa gay bar, and later another man disappeared, Michael Wachholtz.

Prosecutors say both men were drugged, tortured and murdered by Lorenzo and his co-defendant Scott Schweikert, at Lorenzo's Seminole Heights home. 

Schweikert took a deal years ago and is serving a life sentence. But Lorenzo's trial has been pushed back to April of 2020 and that had Williams gave the judge a piece of her mind.

"I'm just disappointed in all these setbacks," she said Thursday. "I've suffered enough, 16 years now, and I'm getting tired of it. I want it done and over with. He's just stalling trying to save his own life after taking my son's."

Hillsborough Judge Mark Kiser listed and made it clear this would be the last time the trial date is moved.