Nail salons, spas find ways to serve customers while following social distance rules

Francee Weinfeld is a true survivor.

For 25 years, she has owned Fran-Chong Nail and Skin Salon in Tampa. The novel coronavirus pandemic has, for the first time, made her uncertain about the future.

“I’ve never been out of work before. I’ve always worked and I’ve always earned a living and then, all of a sudden, to be told you can’t do it, it’s very traumatic," explained Weinfeld.

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Her business is considered nonessential and was forced to either close -- or stay open and follow strict social distancing measures.

Francee says she’s is following the guidelines, but in her business, it's difficult.

“I do foot detoxes and I’ve taken to using disposable containers. They soak your feet in, and at that time, I’m 6 feet away from them, other than putting their feet into the detox," explained Weinfeld.

She also uses facial coverings and gloves to protect both her client and herself, and she is constantly wiping down and sterilizing her salon.

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As an extra layer of protection, Francee takes her temperature every day.

"When a customer calls and wants to come in, they are the only ones in here. Just me and them,” says Weinfeld.

Despite the changes, it’s not paying the bills.

There is one silver lining. She recently applied for the federal Paycheck Protection Program and was approved.

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"I was so thrilled but at the same time I also know it’s not gonna go that far so hopefully they can get this straightened out so we can all go back to work,” says Weinfeld.

Francee knows every bit will help, along with her big dose of determination and will.

"Everybody needs to stay strong and respect each other," urged Weinfeld.

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