Nativity Catholic Church opens large food bank in Dover as need becomes more critical

Many Tampa Bay families are feeling the impacts as gas nears five dollars a gallon, inflation rises and supply chain slowdowns continue. The growing need for food security has made the new larger food bank in Dover even more critical.

"You can tell sometimes, I hate to say it, but the cars they drive," said Julie Ebert, the manager of the Nativity Outreach Food Bank. "They're proud, but they need to eat."

The new food bank facility run by Nativity Catholic Church is a little over 11,000 square feet, and construction on it finished earlier this year. The facility is about 50% larger than Nativity's previous facility and features state-of-the-art equipment.  

It will be able to take in more food and help more families in need. Goods donated are distributed to about 50 food pantries across Hillsborough County, some of which are serving 40 to 50 or more families per week. 

"It is people that you would never expected that would need food, but they do," said Ebert.