NC prosecutes Florida man for voter fraud following FOX 13 investigation

As you consider whom to pick for president next year, a man from Florida says he voted in three states in 2012.  He's just been prosecuted after a FOX 13 investigation revealed nearly 150 people appearing to vote in Florida and North Carolina in the same election.

When state lawmakers passed new voter laws, and when Governor Scott ordered a voter purge, they said they were trying to snuff out fraud. But FOX 13 chief investigator Craig Patrick collaborated on an investigation with FOX 35 political reporter Mike Synan that revealed a problem those efforts would likely have missed -- people voting in multiple states in the same election.

An analysis of state records and data provided by the North Carolina-based Voter Integrity Project revealed 149 people who appear to have voted in Florida and North Carolina in the same election.

"That's 149 we'd stake our reputation on and turn them over to authorities and say you might want to investigate this," said Voter Integrity Project Executive Director Jay DeLancy, who noted his team of 35 researchers helped develop a database of people who appear to cast multiple ballots in the same election.

Following our initial investigation last November, the state's Division of Elections told us they had launched a preliminary investigation and left it at that.  But prosecutors in North Carolina have taken action.

The district attorney in Rutherford County, North Carolina sent FOX 13 records showing he had successfully prosecuted a man named Pasco Parker who resided in Pasco County, Florida.

Records show he admitted to voting in 2012 -- not just in two states, but in three: Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee.
He received a suspended sentence, probation, and a fine.