New Dade City gym builds strength, character

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Marlon Farr, more commonly known around Dade City as Shay, has opened a new gym - Team Farr Boxing & Athletics.

Farr will also be the gym's chief trainer and he's already inspiring his members to push themselves.

Mandy Anderton Deal trains with Farr six days a week. After getting her kid off to college, she's started setting goals for herself - with Shay's help.

"Three or four months ago, I went to Shay and said, 'I want to do one amateur fight. I want to get ready. I want to be in the ring. Just once,'” Deal told FOX 13.

Barbara Sanders has a different goal. She wants to keep the cancer that knocked her out a few years ago from coming back.

“I want to eat right. I want to get healthy and just live,” Sanders said.

The gym also trains boxers-to-be, starting at just 5 years old.

Shay says his approach is simple: “Knowing that every day, in life, you have to instill some discipline in whatever you do."

For more information, visit Team Farr Boxing & Athletics on Facebook.