New law: Don't pick up your phone in school or work zones

Florida's law enforcement agencies are reminding drivers of a new set of rules that will soon take effect as part of Florida's texting-while-driving law.

Starting Oct. 1, school and work zones will be "hands-free."

"Got to put that phone down," said Officer Roy Paz, with the Tampa Police Department's traffic unit. "You can't be on it whatsoever."

Under the current texting-while-driving law, drivers are allowed to hold their phones while making a call or use it for navigation purposes. However, starting Oct. 1, drivers traveling through school or work zones can't have a phone in their hands at all.

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The only exception would be to make a 911 call.

Warnings will be issued from Oct. 1 until the end of the year.

Starting Jan. 1, 2020, drivers who break the law be cited, with fines starting at $166 for a primary offense.