New Port Richey man used stun gun on victim after car accident, deputies say

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A New Port Richey man was caught on camera, allegedly using a stun gun to fend off bystanders after a dangerous crash.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers said Nicholas Wagner, 23, went around a car at a red light at the intersection of Rowan Road and Orchid Lake Road and crashed into another carful of teenagers.

“He was like, ‘I’m so sorry I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop,’” said Tabitha Supernault, who was driving with a friend.

“It was chaotic, and people were yelling and screaming,” said Ericka Schwandt, who was riding in the car.

In the roughly 20 minutes after the crash, bystanders said the situation escalated.

A video of the incident is now part of the investigation as deputies piece together what happened. Bystanders and victims say Wagner began to get aggressive with a stun gun.

“I say, ‘Hey, listen, relax, why are you going at it? There’s no need to go there,’" recalled Rich Abbate, who was stunned with the stun gun. "And then he pulls out a Taser and he says get away from the car or I’ll tase you.”

Abbate heard the crash and came out to help. He said he wanted to keep Wagner at the scene until troopers got there. Then, neighbors said Wagner’s sister arrived and wanted him to get in her car.

“She was screaming and screaming, and I’m trying to tell her to calm down and then he lunged at me with the Tazer and I backed up. He came at me again and he got me,” said Abbate. He added that he didn’t want anyone else to be stunned.

Witnesses said Wagner then ran around and threatened to stun others before running off. Abbate and other neighbors went after him to make sure he didn’t get away.

That’s when deputies said Wagner stunned Abbate again. Abbate said despite being stunned, he doesn't regret stepping in.

“This isn’t going to deter me in any way shape or form,” said Abbate. “As long as there is a victim out there, I think I’ll do whatever I can to help.”

As for the teens involved in the crash, they are okay and thankful.

“He didn’t even know us, so it’s really cool for somebody to just be looking out for people,” said Supernault.

FOX 13 reached out to the suspect’s mother to get their side of what happened and she would not talk on camera.

Wagner is in jail and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.