New women's health center offers concierge care

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A new health center in Tampa provides concierge care just for women.

Local resident Mindy Socher wanted a one-stop-shop for her health care needs.

"I just turned 50 and there's a lot of things that need to be watched," Socher said.

She's one of the first to try the services at the Pamela Muma Women's Health Center.

"We're always the caretakers for everybody else, so coming here, I've got a caretaker, someone to watch me and know about my body and what I need," Socher told FOX 13.

The philanthropist behind the center, Pamela Muma, believes this will serve a need in the community.

She said she had challenges navigating the health care system herself not long ago.

She worked with physicians at the University of South Florida to come up with a solution. 

"Everything is done in one place. You won't be driving across town or even down the street to have any follow ups or any lab work or any imaging done," Muma said. "Our goal is to strive to have everything done here."

And the services are tailored to women. 

"It's going to be just like you're going to your regular primary care doctor. The difference is if there's anything at all that's needed, if you need to see a specialist, if you need a mammogram or a colonoscopy or if you need to have your annual skin exam, then we have a nurse navigator that arranges all of that for you," said lead physician, Dr. Denise Edwards.

Patients pay a $200 monthly fee for more individualized care. 

"You have an email and a phone number that it will either be me or it will be one of the nurses 24/7," Dr. Edwards said.

Socher said it saves her time and stress. 

"You have somebody that's always there for you if you have you have a question, it's great, they'll have the records right there and know what to do," Socher said.

For more information about the Pamela Muma Women's Health Center, visit their website.