Newsome marching band to perform at Thanksgiving Day Parade

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The Newsome High School marching band packed a truck full of hundreds of instruments Friday, and promised to meet it in New York for the performance of their lives.

After practicing for months on mornings, nights and weekends, the moment when they'll march two-and-a-half-miles in front of three million people, and then stop at 10:08AM to do three songs live on NBC is approaching faster than you can say, "cue."

"We have put hours into this," said freshman Mackenzie Valentine. "I think now, we have done this before, hours and hours, I think we can do it again."

Newsome High is one of eight bands selected, out of a contest of 250, to get the coveted spot in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

"It is going to be like going in slow motion except fast forward," said Valentine. "You are going to be like wow, I can't believe we are here but it will be over so quick."

Their band leader, Mike Miller, says it is going to be a learning experience unlike any other.

"When you put yourself on national television, you are stepping way outside of your comfort zone, hopefully it in the future prepares them for the work place and teaches them they can tackle any obstacle."

But this hardly feels like an obstacle.

"I want (the audience) to see a fantastic band," said junior Ryan Pfaff. "I want them to be entertained, I want to create an emotion in someone else, I want to make a connection with my audience."

With all 2016 has brought to America, their set of three songs has a theme:

"We do 'Here Comes the Sun,' 'You are my Sunshine,' and, 'You are the Sunshine of my Life.'"

A little sunshine and good cheer for the world, all the way from little Lithia, Florida.

"The sun usually means warmth, and I feel like at this time, the world just needs a little bit of warmth," said Valentine.