NFL protests divide Bucs fans

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Near the corner of Himes and Tampa Bay Boulevard, sports and politics once again were intersecting. Fans at Sunday's sold-out Raymond James stadium had two things on their minds: Football, but first, the flag.

“My personal opinion is yes they should stand,” said Bucs fan Terry Howard. 

“I don't feel like they should be told what and what not to do. I feel like we should be united,” said Christina Copeland, a Bucs fan. 

Along Dale Mabry protesters held a stand-for the flag rally.  For some, it is personal -- like Roman Diaz, an Army veteran.

“You can’t disrespect people that leave their hometown to fight for you to play this kind of game,” he said.

“I think there's some issues going on in this world and I think it’s great they're standing up for it and using their power to speak out for injustice in our country,” said Giants fan Greg Brunner.

In the end the controversy was somewhat moot, at least here in Tampa, every Buccaneer stood shoulder to shoulder for the anthem.

Only one Giants player kneeled, while still keeping his arms locked with fellow teammates.