No flag, no problem: Fans at brand-new Florida school honor America anyway

Before the Parrish Bulls faced off against the Sarasota Sailors for a junior varsity volleyball game Tuesday, one important symbol was missing: the American flag. But players and fans still took the time to honor America. 

As the national anthem started playing, spectator video shows, everyone in the gymnasium stood, turned to a blank wall, and held their hands over their hearts anyway. 

“It was the first time that they did the national anthem and there was not a flag there,” said Manatee County School District spokesman Mike Barber. 

Parrish Community High School just opened before the start of school. It’s one of three new schools built in Manatee County. 

“It was kind of a rush to get things done before school started. Some things are still being finished. That’s one of the areas that’s being finished at the high school,” Barber explained. 

As the national anthem stopped playing, a loud roar from the crowd can be heard in the video. 

“It says a lot about the students and the fans that were there, that they honored it in such a distinguished way even though there wasn’t a flag there. It just shows you can honor America,” continued Barber. 

The school district said this will be the only game without an American flag present. 

“The principal assured me the next time they have an event, there will be a flag in the gymnasium,” Barber added.