North Port police say teen fabricated rape report, is being provided support

North Port police say the report made by a teen girl that she had been sexually assaulted was a fabrication.

The 15-year-old supposed victim said she was attacked while jogging near her home just before 5 p.m. Jan. 6. Police say after interviews and reports to the media, the young girl admitted she made up the story. 

North Port police said Friday, despite the story having been a fabrication, the agency will "continue to investigate all reports such as this with the rigor and respect they deserve."

"False reports of this nature are not taken lightly and can impact the perception of real reports of sexual battery," police said in a statement to the media. "Anytime we have a report this serious, we simply can not take the chance of failing to educate the public when necessary."

Police said their focus now is on making sure the young girl gets any support and help she may need.

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