North Port soap company keeps customers clean, naturally

An artisan bath and beauty product company in North Port is changing the way customers think about keeping clean.

Lolablue specializes in natural soaps, which accounts for about 50% of its business.

“They are alternative products for those who want to live a healthier, cleaner lifestyle,” says Lolablue founder Jamie Lovern.

Lolablue has about 20 scents, plus some seasonal items.

Raspberry patchouli, bark, and tea tree charcoal are three of Lolablue's bestselling varieties.

“When you make natural soap, it’s all the natural oils and butters. They stay contained in the bar, so they are actually skin-loving for your body,” Jamie explained.

Lolablue’s storefront is located at 2525 Bobcat Village Ct. Rd in North Port. Lolablue products can also be found in Whole Foods stores around Florida.

And of course, you can buy online at