Number of holes grows to 36 in Pasco County neighborhood

The number of depressions in Hudson has grown to 36, according to Pasco County Emergency Management.

The holes have continued to appear in the Lakeside Woodlands Community of Hudson over the past several days.

Due to the rising amount of depressions, Pasco County is closing portions of Willow Brook Court as of Thursday.

On Wednesday, officials said all of the holes are active and showing slight signs of growth, but said neighboring homes are not in danger. However, emergency management asked people to avoid a marked area near a retention pond.

The depressions are believed to be caused by an underground cave system that is collapsing under the pressure of rain-saturated topsoil.

Engineers have been brought in by the homeowner's association to use ground penetrative radar, while researchers from USF are geo-mapping the holes with drone sensors.